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Casting Call

In its current state, my project is an ambitious endeavor to bring the captivating story based off the book "Playing the Hand I Was Dealt" by Chanel Rose Budd to life on the screen. This film "SELFLESS"  aims to shine a spotlight on the struggles faced by a young woman in Pittsburgh during the challenging times of the 1980s and 90s. It depicts her relentless battle to overcome numerous obstacles, such as the detrimental effects of crack addiction on parents, the need to escape her neighborhood, the complexities of raising a child, and the constant effort to maintain a harmonious marriage while pursuing her dream of becoming a successful business owner.

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Casting Call 

Role fulfilled in RED

1. Mary Ann- Stern, Stylish, emotional in private, flirty, smiles a lot when out socializing, encourager, lack self awareness, loves God and reads her Bible at times especially when she’s going through hard times

2. Eddie- laid back, chess player, loves sports, played softball and basketball on adult community teams for a while, sneaky

3. 8 Yrs Corey- Male black :  gamer, loved transformers, like all his sisters friends, love watching movies and listening to music, eats and touches everyone’s stuff

4. 10 yrs Nicole- introverted, played in her room with cabbage patch dolls, listens to music r&b, hip hop, observant, protector over her siblings and Mother, likes to sing in choirs school or church, cooks, kind of shy, dreamer, stylish, likes sneakers and tom boy clothing, rope necklaces

5. 5 yrs to 7 yrs  Mariah-  Female black : outgoing, talkative, spoiled, favorite child, tells imaginative story’s, playful

6. Grandma Gigi- meek, mild, loved telling her life lessons and journey, introverted, empathic, emotional and prayer warrior

7. Extra Eddie’s moving friend-Male black : Jokester, Beer Drinker, chess player, new everyone’s business and a (Gitney driver- like a Uber but in the hood)

8. 12 yrs Priscilla-Female black : Silly, Emotional, Loyal Friend, stylish, middle child, fighter if she has too, loved whole chicken wings

9. Teacher Ms. Henry-Female black :  reserved, boring, knowledgeable, pushover

10. 11 yrs Kim-Female black : messy, easily influenced, homely style, mean faced

11. 13 yrs Porsche-Female black :  gossiper, trouble maker, homely style, jokester

12. 12 yrs Jeanette -Female black :  follower, homely style, trouble maker, jokester

13. 13 to 18 yrs Robert-
Male black :  Extremely Playful flirt, show off, hustler, womanizer, silly, outgoing

14. Extra Robert’s friend 
 black :  Popular, hustler, short tempered, womanizer, laid back

15. Young Nicole 16 yrs to 23-Female black :  Outgoing, stylish, flirty, cool, protective, silly, chill vibe, dreamer, short tempered if pushed, independent

16. 13 to 18 yrs Robert’s New Girlfriend- Female :   gold digger, smart mouthed, can’t fight
17. Young Angel- Intelligent, sneaky, fighter, cool, outgoing, spoiled, casual
18. Young Kim- Jokester, flirty, loud
19. Young Porsche- laid back, fashionable, smart mouth, attractive
20. Father (Nicole’s Dad David ) - Easily aggravated, flirt, emotional, attractive, cusser, short tempered, stylish
21. Young Corey- Stylish, Laid Back, curious, jokester, attractive, adventurous
22. Kid 1
23. Young Priscilla- jokester, loud, fashionable, hard working, realistic, emotional, semi private
24. Melody- cool, short tempered, smart mouthed, Tomboy, laid back
25. Friend 1 Male or  Female
26. Friend 2
27. Random Person Male or Female 
28. Lucy- 20 yrs-Female black : Nice, laid back, has a wild side, conservative, soft spoken, introvert, flirty
29. Young Mariah-Female black : Smart mouth, active, intellectual, observant, sneaky, outgoing
30. Lee-Male black :Attractive, Smart Mouthed, Jokester but don’t like others Joking about him, laid back, loves attention, fashionable, outgoing, sneaky, short tempered.
31. Miss. Wilson Lee’s Mom (Nana) Female black : - Quiet, low key fighter, protector, exotic animal lover, reserved, sneaky, loner
32. Police Officer-Female or Male : stern, smart mouthed, straightforward
33. Young Tanya- Outspoken, intimidating, sneaky, protective, bossy, acts shy
34. Lakisha-Female black : Outgoing, Confident, Curious, Flirty, Fashionable, Silly, Realistic
35. Judy Female  : intelligent, flirt, acts shy, sneaky, introvert
36. Derek-Male black : easily influenced, silly, emotional, people pleasing, short tempered, sociable
37. Baby Alyssa-Female black : 3 to 6 yrs ,brown skin, head full of hair, dancing eyes, loves reggae, happy, full of joy but sassy
38. Derek’s Aunt. -Female black : Fashionable, Visionary, Private, Laid back, jokester, loyal, supportive, family oriented
39. Partygoer-Female: Hype, entertaining, hospitable, fashionable and approachable
40. Lisa-Female black : Observing, bold, sneaky, appears modest, talkative, Flaunts
41. Chris-Male black : 25 to 39 yrs  Attractive, sneaky, giving, short tempered, laid back, low key, quiet
42. News Anchor-Female or Male : Empathetic, Professional, Proper Speaking
43. Pastor-Female or Male . Long winded, soft spoken, attentive, reserved
44. Young Alyssa- female black 9 to  12 yrs  Happy, curious, likes to cut up paper, loves tv, dances to music, wears stylish attire, spoiled by parents, observant, sensitive
45. Mrs. Davis-Female Rude, Biased, non-empathetic, smirked facial expressions
46. Jessica-Female  reserved, southern accent, fashionable, attractive, confident
47. Killa T- 29 t0 40 yrs Male Black :  Attractive, Short tempered, show off, flashy, manipulative, selfish, observant
48. Dr. Bennett-Female or Male  outspoken, observant, empathetic, intellectual, self reflective, determined
49. Doctor-Female or Male  Ambitious, Determined, Compassionate, Informative, Stern
50. Judy’s baby-Female or Male 1 to 4 yrs. quiet, cute, healthy, well kept
51. Lisa daughter Dominque-Female black 17 to 20yrs.  shy, sensitive, sneaky, smart, spoiled, quiet
52. 30 extra all ages
53. Teen Alyssa-female black : Smart mouthed, stubborn, spoiled, laid back, sensitive, unique style, intuitive, entrepreneurial spirit, reserved

1.Resume: Share your acting experience and any relevant background.

2.Headshot: Provide a high-quality photo that captures your unique essence.

3.Clips of Your Work: Include links or attachments to clips showcasing your acting prowess. Show us what you're made of!


Note : Please do not apply if you do not have a resume.


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